Les interactions-Support

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. If you experience technical difficulties or are having particular problems with one of the software elements, please contact us. The information you provide will assist us in guiding you through the process and resolving the problem.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm EST

Email: posters@posterpals.ca Toll Free in Canada & USA   Tel – 1-800-265-7754

Using the Software
The USB must remain plugged into the computer to run the software. Always “safely eject” the USB. The software employs HTML5, CSS and javascript and other technologies as platforms.

Software UpdatesOccasionally, updates may be made to Plug ‘N Teach software. These updates can occur only when there is an internet connection. A message will show on the screen to advise of the update.  Chose “Yes”.  The red light on the USB will flicker as updating is occurring.  Please be patient while update occurs as it depends on the speed of your internet connection and size of update. The software will launch upon completion of the update and new the version code will be indicated on bottom right corner of main menu.

Launching Plug ‘N Teach: Les interactions Software:

STEP 1: Plug in the USB and open drive letter. Double click “Interactions” folder. Double click appropriate folder – either “Macintosh” or “Windows”. Double-click application launch icon (cow logo icon with blue ring).

Smartscreen Filter Error Message: The first time you launch the product, you will get a message pop-up that reads “This Program May Harm your Computer”. Click the “more options” in the pop-up and click “Run Anyway”.

STEP 2: EULA The first time you run the software, you will need to review our End-User License Agreement (EULA) and either accept/decline. Please read all terms and conditions carefully before continuing.

STEP 3: License and Registration You will be prompted to activate and register the software. You will find your Serial activation number in this software package. Enter your information into the appropriate fields on screen. Inaccurate completion will result in failure of the software.

Plug ‘NTeach runs from the USB.  Copying or moving files from USB will corrupt product operations and breech EULA and copyright.