Who needs an interactive Whiteboard!
I use Plug’N Teach in my classrom with a laptop and projector.  I give my wireless mouse to students at their desks so they can interact with the software.   Love this resource!

Will someone please use the SMARTboard!
My administrators keep advising us to put the SMARTboards to use.  With Plug’N Teach, we finally have an engaging resource for the FSL class.   Awesome!

Get them speaking
The activities are so wonderful to get them speaking.  Add in the competitive scoring, audio option and it becomes so versatile.   Fantastique!

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New FSL Curriculum
“The software book that is included is fabulous.  It targets all the essential interactions required in the A1 and A2 levels of the curriculum.  Made my job much easier.”

Making it Simple is key
“This easy-to-use tool really engages my students. I find that whenever they walk into the room and see one of the activities up on the SMART Board ready to go, they are immediately excited to get started. Their enthusiasm also makes Plug n’ Teach a more effective tool for learning, which is invaluable to me as a teacher.”

Thank you
“One of the problems we are facing is that many kids can’t create simple sentences. With this software, I will be able to accommodate the needs of most kids in a very creative way. Thank you for this FSL resource.”
- Robert

Effective and Engaging
“As a teaching tool with an Interactive White board, it brings to life what could easily become a boring FSL lesson”
- Marc

Great flexibility for teachers
“I love Océan de mots.  My students always have trouble with scrambled sentences. ”

I am truly enjoying the software.
While teaching the passé composé, a few of my grade 8 boys were struggling with the formation.  After using Foire de mots, I couldn’t get 2 of them to stop shouting out the answers during a boys vs girls activity! They both got 100% on their written test! When my 7/8 split walked into my classroom and saw Plug and Teach at the bottom of my screen ready to be used during the lesson, a group actually cheered.

Use what moves them
I have the program at home to create lessons.  Then I take it to school ready to teach.  If I had a dime each time one of my students said “Madame, can we play Plug’N Teach”…It’s fantastic and with so many options.

Cost effective
As a teacher on a cart going from room to room grade to grade, I love this cost effective, engaging software that is truely functional.  Finally, someone got it right.  Great resource!


It’s a great resource to get reluctant French students engaged. I have a grade 8 student whom I hadn’t heard speak hardly any French in a year and a half, except when I forced him to do oral presentations, who while playing Tour Eiffel was up at the smartboard yelling out answers to beat his classmates. It was quite the sight.

Thank you Poster Pals
Plug ‘N Teach software is a great, interactive way to teach in an engaging context to my students. I am happy to leave the sentence creations and overall “thought process” up to the Plug ‘N Teach software! A quick review of the lesson and some of the game questions on my behalf and my lesson and follow up are ready to go! It has really taken the stress out of thinking of ways to encourage participation from all students and has given me some of my evenings back! Thank you Poster Pals!

Getting IEP students involved
I enjoy using the activities that are already there. My next step is to design my own lessons. It is great to have all the students involved, even those on an IEP.  My best purchase this year!

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