Les interactions

An interactive software that addresses the “I can” statements of the Common European Framework A1 and A2 levels, for French-as-a-second language learners. Essential interactions are targeted in this curriculum-based software, promoting interactive oral skills as well as reading and writing skills, for teacher-guided classroom activities, independent and partnered student work.

Compatible with Interactive White Boards, or simply use a data projector with your computer.  Self-updating (Internet connection required).  For Windows (Win8, Win7, Win XP) and MAC (Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite) operating systems.  Runs from USB/Flashdrive.  No installation compontent/platform required.

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*Demo does not allow access to all features.      *Be advised Demo operates & responds slower than actual product


Games and Activities include:
Students participate in a colourfully illustrated story with audio in five chapters. Students follow the hints to create the interactions for Thomas, Luc and the other characters of the story as they register, shop for, and travel to a soccer tournament in New Brunswick.  Audio and text options allow the teacher to tailor the level of difficulty of the interactions:
• Alternate sentence structure options to familiarize students with different ways to express a message.
• Optional prompts assist students to build messages
• Options to view and hear the story, participate in the story with prompting, or generate the story. With a click, check students’ interactions with the software content.

Scene 3Answer the questions to advance your cyclist around the map of France and don the yellow jersey. A multiple choice team game for the whole class or play with a partner. 300 questions and answers included on the 10 high frequency topics (• à l’école • les couleurs et l’alphabet • parlons des nombres • je peux décrire • je me présente et les expressions de politesse• l’année et le temps • parlons de la famille • passe-temps et préférences • réponses et questions • vêtements et parties du corps.)    Use the ‘personalize’ option to add your own questions and answers to any topic or create your own new topics.


Spin the paintbrush, answer the question and reveal a portion of a famous masterpiece painting. A team or partner game requiring answers to personal or open-ended questions.  With a click, reveal suggested answers to check accuracy. 300 questions in total on the 10 high frequency topics.   Use the ‘personalize’ option to add your own questions and answers to any topic or create your own new topics


SW2 reprod coverProject or print the supporting 100+ page student activites workbook.  Key interactions are supported with links to suggested teaching and reinforcement strategies.  Whole class and partner activites, as well as supporting flashcards and student worksheets.  Tracking charts allow teachers and students to record and report progress on essential interactions.   SAMPLE PAGES – SW2 book sample