Les interactions – FAQ

- I don’t have internet available in my classroom. Will it still operate?

Yes. Software operates while your USB is plugged in. Upon first launch, internet is required to license product.   Afterwards, software must be able to periodically access the internet to verify license and access updates.

- You don’t install the software?

That is correct!  The software is contained on a USB.  You run it by plugging it into the PC or MAC you are using.  Once you plug in your USB, it ’s fast. Plug ‘N Teach gets you up and teaching quickly.

- Do I need to install anything on my computer or school computer?

No.  The software uses HTML5 and Java as primary platforms.  If using a school computer, some boards must give permission to that particular computer to run executable (.exe) files.  Please reach out to your IT department to verify.

- Do I need a SMART board (or other type of Interactive White board) to use Plug ‘N Teach?

No. Although Plug’N Teach has received accreditation by SMART, you don’t need any IWB to use Plug’N Teach. You can use it on a single station computer or project it in a class.

- Will it work on Windows and MAC operating systems?

Yes.  It was designed to work with both MAC OS (Intel – Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite) and Windows OS (Win10. Win8, Win7, Win XP).

- Can I access the software at the same time my colleague does via our network?

No. The software is locked onto the specific USB.  It is for single station use only.  Attempts to access files or moving/copying files will corrupt software voiding product support and licensing.  We do offer an installable and Network version – Contact us for details.

- On how many computers can I run Plug’N Teach software?

Unlike most software which can be installed on only one computer, every Plug’N Teach USB is authorized to run on up to 8 computers. This provides teachers the flexiblity to use it in different classrooms and at home without the need to purchase multiple copies or expensive network licenses. If you would like to run it on more than 8 computers, contact Poster Pals to review license packages available.

- Can I make my own Questions and Answers?

Yes, you can.  In the 2 games – Le Tour à vélo and Les chefs – d’œuvreyou can create your own unique Q&A and categories and save them.  You can also add to existing categories.  The software creates a file on your USB of your created questions.  And the best part; you can share this file with colleagues!