French Verb Play – FAQ

- How does Plug’N Teach: French Verb Play software work?

You just plug in the USB and run the software!   “You don’t need to install the software?”   That is correct!   The software is contained on the USB.  You run it by just plugging it into your PC or MAC.  The only thing you install is Adobe Air. (which is included on the USB)

- I don’t have internet available in my classroom. Will it still operate?

Yes. Software operates while your USB is plugged in. Upon first launch, internet is required to license product (See Step 2 on installing software under “Support”). Afterwards, software must be able to periodically access the internet to verify license and access updates.

- Will it work on PC and MAC?

Yes. Software runs on Adobe Air platform.   It was designed to work with both MAC OS (Intel – Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite) and Windows OS (Win10, Win8, Win7, Win XP).

- You don’t install the software?

That is correct!  The software is contained on a USB.  You run it by plugging it into the PC or MAC you are using.  The only thing you must install on the computer you are running the USB from is Adobe Air (which is included). Once you plug in your USB, it ’s fast. Plug ‘N Teach gets you up and teaching quickly.

- Do I need to install anything on my computer or school computer?

Yes. You will need to install Adobe Air on every computer you will use the software on. Some schools have restrictions on software installations and/or running software from USB executables (.exe).  Check with you  IT Administrators. Once you have Adobe Air installed, Plug’N Teach software runs off the USB.  That is, the software itself is not installed on any computer.   (See Step 1 of installing software under “Support”)

- I updated Adobe Air and I am now missing some text.  How do I fix this issue?

Adobe Air is the platform on which Plug’NTeach runs.  Adobe pushes out updates routinely.  The most recent is v3.1.   Adobe Air v3.0 has a bug that causes some of the text in the menu for Plug’NTeach to dissapear.  To avoid this issue, ensure you have installed any Adobe Air prior to v3.0 or the most recent v3.1.  If you  have  Adobe Air to v3.0, we can help you fix it quickly.  You can chose to update to v3.1 by chosing update when Adobe Air prompts you or re-installing an earlier version of Adobe Air.   Just follow these steps:
1. Go to your control panel and Uninstall your Adobe Air
2. Plug in your Plug’NTeach USB, go to the folder “Adobe Air” and install this version (which is v2.5)
3. Re-start your computer and you are good to go!

- Do I need a SMART board (or other type of Interactive White board) to use Plug ‘N Teach?

No. Although Plug’N Teach has received accreditation by SMART, you don’t need any IWB to use Plug’N Teach. You can use it on a single station computer or project it in a class.

- Can I access the software at the same time my colleague does via our network?

No. The software is locked onto the specific USB. It is for single station use only. Attempts to access files or moving/copying files will corrupt software voiding product support and licensing.  We do offer an installable version – Contact us for details.

- On how many computers can I run Plug’N Teach software?

Unlike most software which can be installed on only one computer, every Plug’N Teach USB is authorized to run on up to 8 computers. This provides teachers the flexiblity to use it in different classrooms and at home without the need to purchase multiple copies or expensive network licenses. If you would like to run it on more than 8 computers, contact Poster Pals to review license packages available.

- Are there some pre-loaded lessons for me to start using?

Yes. With the Lessons component, you have many prepared lessons such as er verbs, ir verbs, passé composé, etc.

- Can I make my own lessons?

Yes, you can also create you own unique lessons sets and save them. You can start from scratch or use the existing presorted lessons as a starting point.

- The software is showing a black screen when I run it.

This can happen if your USB port “went to sleep” after a period of inactivity. Close the black screen and then start the software again.

- Nothing happens when I click the icon to start the program.

This can happen if your USB port “went to sleep” after a period of inactivity. Wait about 10 seconds and then try again. If it continues not to launch, eject the USB key, insert it again, and try again.

- The program runs very slowly.

The software should respond quickly. Make sure that you are using a USB 2.0 compatible port. If you don’t know if you are, ask your IT computer support personnel.

- When I open the software, I see a blank screen that says Licence Validation Error or similar.

Please close the software, wait a minute, and then try to open it again. If this continues to happen, verify that you are connected to the internet. If you are connected to the internet and are still presented with this error, please contact us for further technical assistance. You will need your Activation Serial Number when calling for support.

- Do updates take a long time?

Occasionally, updates may be made to either the PlugNTeach or Adobe Air software. When prompted, you can choose to update the software now or later. It can take up to 20 mins. to update the PlugNTeach software, depending on the speed of your internet connection, so you may want to wait to update until you are not teaching. If you are using a MacOS computer, you may find that the update appears to be “hanging” and not progressing about half way through the update. Do not be alarmed or try to Force Quit the application – this is typical for the update routine on MacOS computers. There are two parts to the PlugNTeach update. First, the update is downloaded, and then it is applied. You will need to confirm that you want to apply the update once it is downloaded, so please stay near your computer when performing an update!

- Norton Anti-Virus removed a file, how do I get it back?

No problem. As Plug’N Teach is designed to run off the USB, Norton may quarentine a file the first time you run it. Here are the steps:
a. Open Norton.
b. Under the Computer section, click on the Quarantine link.
c. In the Security History dialog, select where it says Start_PlugNTeach.exe (and possibly PlugNTeach.exe) was quarantined,then click on the blue Options link in the upper right of the dialog.
d. Click on Restore this file(repeat for both files).
e. Close Norton and run the software.
Also, Please ensure Norton knows the following files are okay: Start_PlugNTeach.exe and PlugNTeach.exe
To help improve this for the future, can you also please report this false positive to Symantec (Norton). To do this, you can use Norton’s built in “Submit to Symantec” feature.